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  PRC-5009 (NASA), Hemps 6.002 Grades 1, 2, 3
  Certificates of compliance provided at customer request
  Calibrated equipment for precise measurement of metal removal and/or surface finish
  Custom masking and polishing also available
  Quality Control Manual available upon request

Electro-polishing is a process in which metal is caused to dissolve under tightly controlled conditions. As a result of this process the surface is very smooth and can be brought to a brilliant luster. In addition, it imparts new surface qualities to the part. The absence of scratches, strains, metal debris and embedded abrasive characterizes the electro-polished surface. The surface has the ‘true’ crystal structure of the metal, undistorted by the cold working associated with mechanical finishing methods.

Electropolishing can be thought of as the opposite of electroplating, with metal being removed from the surface as opposed to being deposited on the surface.

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