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Gold Plating

  Hard Acid Gold “24K”, 99.9% pure gold
Industrial Gold Plating and Decorative Gold Plating
  MIL-G-45204, Types I & II, Grade C.  ASTM B 488, AMS 2422 and other specifications
  Brushed, polished and other finishes available
  Certificates of compliance provided at customer request
  Fischerscope X-Ray available for precise measurement of plating thickness
  Hydrogen embrittlement relief available
  Custom masking and polishing also available
  Quality Control Manual available upon request

Applied on ferrous or non-ferrous metals.  Used extensively for electronic contacts and connectors due to its conductive properties and the fact it does not tarnish.  High purity gold coatings, as offered by Turn-Key Coatings, are preferable because impurities from lower purity gold can made soldering more difficult.   The optimal deposit thickness range for soldering is between 0.00005 and 0.0001 inch.

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